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 With low interest rates and low confidence in the banking industry, many people are taking money out of cash accounts and putting it into investments

But there are so many investment options out there, all trying to win your money -which is best for you?


Too much money in low risk invesmtnets   means probable low returns and too high in agressive funds means potential very high volatility (big losses).. so what do you do ? 

This is where First Option can help to advise you on a wide range of investments .....with investment solutions that that best suits your needs and that you are most comfortable with.

 We have established a reputation for providing best independent advice to customers in the Cardiff and South Wales Area, Why not call Bob on 02920 811532 for a little chat.with no obligation.

 As bob says;

"Even with "no risk" investment such as deposit account in banks and building societies there will always be "inflation risk"  which steadily reduces your capital value (the buying power) by as much as 4% per year


There are Guaranteed investments out there that will pay back your initail investment after 5 years even if the stock markets has fallen and there are some products that will do the same plus provide a chance of extra profit to keep pace with inflation.

Always speak to an unbaised independent adviser first!