You wish to make an investment

You are looking to retirement soon

You need income from your pension

You need income from your savings

You need independent financial advice

You need the right family protection

You are a small business

You want to increase your wealth

You need a mortgage at the best rate

You want to own a property portfolio

You have disposable income to save


More Client testimonials (verified)

 I retired and needed a financial adviser to give me advice. Bob was able to advise me on the best way forward with the amount of money I had to invest. He was able to explain to me in a manner that I was able to digest easily about the pros and cons of investing money in stocks and shares. My current situation is better than I could have wished for due, mostly to Bob's excellent advice.

What could they have done better?
Bob could not have done better for me. He advised and suggested and agreed (sometimes)! but in general was most efficient and friendly.

Jenny, Newport June, 2015Review from Verified Client